To the flames of my body that is in love. Love is everything yet it is nothing. To the part of my brain that in love, love is a bullet in the brain but a sweet pill for the heart Some have died in love never to wake up to live in the sea of … Continue reading FLAMES…..


The other kids are playing gleefully but i am gazing at the sun joyfully I am obsessed with the sun’s beauty and still watching the sunlight till it turns into twilight nonetheless, the sun has been personified and has gradually emptied itself in a body of my delight her smile is so breathtaking like pips … Continue reading THE SUN PERSONIFIED


Today, a boy is seen on the streets, With his death in his right- hand and his grave in his left- hand And waiting to be served with his coffin of cabin fever Today, another boy is seen with emaciated bones His skin is slowly drifting away from his bones Walking in the fire like … Continue reading THE OTHER BOYS


wounds for joy, tears for praise, early morning smiles turn sour, savage…. ages past, ages to come the story is untold the story is unwritten still boiling in the catacombs of dry hopes a boy, enveloped in the skin of men flames ignited within and the passion continues pain dissipates joy ablaze ’tis’ far by … Continue reading TURNING…